Flameless Hydraulic Heater

The heaters that R-Cat Oilfield offers are ideal when an open flame or the risk of a spark is not acceptable. We have two different models that provide 370,000 & 500,000 BTUs of pollutant-free, dry heat. The heaters we provide have a patented technology that uses diesel power to agitate hydraulic oil in a flameless, sparkless, low-pressure environment. These heaters convert exhaust heat, engine radiant heat and hydraulic fluid heat into clean, humidity free, toxin free heat output that is produced with no friction or flame. All of our heaters are equipped with a set of four shut-off switches that terminate the engine when excessive pressures, speed or water temperatures are detected. Heat output is controlled through simple settings on the engine throttle.


    • Flameless
    • Sparkless
    • Low Pressure Environment
  • Odourless
  • Pollutant-Free Heated Air


Fuel: Diesel
Max BTU: 400,000
Efficiency: 90%+
CFM: 4,100
Temperature: 180°F/82°C+
Max Fuel Consumption: 3.7 Gal per hr/ 14L per hr

Power: Kubota V2403MT 60 HP

Cabinet Height:   5’2” or 13.21cm
Cabinet Width:   3’2” or 158cm
Cabinet Length:   9’4” or 286.5cm
Overall Width:    5’6” or 170.7cm
Overall Length:  13’2” or 402.3cm

Empty approx.:  2, 820lbs or 1,279Kg
Full approx.: 3,520lbs or 1,597Kg
Fuel Capacity: 100Gal or 378.5L